Criminal justice theories power control theory

This is kind of long, but your customer service told me to make sure this is aas clear as possible. This paper is for a criminal justice class. This is the second paper for the class, out of a total of three that will be written . So this class has a total of three papers. Each reviewing different studies of theories. Each of the three papers, all have three different articles to review. So its basically the same format and idea, just discussing a differnt theory with each paper. So there are three articles fort eh first papers of conflict theory. Three articles for the second paper, which you are writing, about power-control, theory. And lastly there are three articles for the last paper on routuine activities theory.
My first paper, I used affordable papers, and it was awful. I submitted all of the articles and thought i clearly explained which articles to use. The first three listed for the first paper and so on. The writer did not follow the instructions, and used the wrong articles. I recieved a 20/50.
So now here I am, submitting this order, for the second paper. My biggest concern is that these next papers ( which if you do well you will be writing the third) MUST absolutely have the same writing style, and vocab and so on as the first paper. I have attached the paper as a writing sample for you to follow. Is it PERTINENT that they sound like teh same perosn . The same teacher will reading this paper, as my last one, and the teacher has to think that it was written by the same person. She is very intelligent and has to think the same person wrote all the papers. So please use same vocab, same sentence structure.

The writer, chose one article from the three different theories of papers. instead of one papers for teh three articles all discussing the same theory. So , one of the articles the is used for this paper, he actually used for the last paper. You also must integrate what he wrote about pwoer and control into the paper. That was his summary, and take on the power and control theory. But you must make sure your using the right one from the paper. If you copy and paste, that does not apply towards my three pages, since it is written for you. You may however, use some sentences, and bank off of what he wrote. I want it better than his paper, since he really brought my grade down .

MUST follow syllabus guidelines and rules, to the exact detail. The teacher is extremely strict.
Besides for reading the instuctions in the syllabus called the Literature review paper:: key points the teacher made in class are to describe how the 3 articles are all related. you want to state what power control theory is . You must describe the assumptions and assertions for each theory, as well as the key concept. These three points key concepts, assumptions, and assertions are major in her grading scale. You need to find the support, or if there isnt support for each study. so basically did the article show support?
Make sure there is a summary of the data. ex. the ages, adults where they come from. For example, Adolescence in midor high school from parts of florida.You do not need to go into further detail than that.

Define the measures that are important.
you do NOT need to define them .

You want to talk about each study seperately, and then at the end integrate them . or vice versa.

I realize this is a lot, and if there is any confusion do not hesitate to ask, I am around my computer all the time. and we can work it out.
Thank you.