Criminal procedure 5 discussion/ complete

1.A police officer stops a car for failing to signal a turn. Upon talking to the driver he discovers he has a suspended driveri??s license and an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear in court on a similar charge. The officer has no probable cause or reasonable suspicion that any other motor vehicle infractions or criminal activity may be afoot. He decides to tow the car as it is stopped on the side of a highway and cannot legally be left parked there. The front seat passenger in the car is the driveri??s father, has a valid license and appears sober and otherwise capable of legally and safely driving the car. The driver asks the officer if the father can drive the car home. The officer refuses and calls for a tow truck. Prior to the tow truck arriving, the officer performs an inventory search of the car and discovers an illegal gun in the trunk.

Should the illegal gun be admissible against the driver? Why or why not? Support your answer. If you have experience with how this is handled in your jurisdiction, share that as well.( must be 125 words)

2.Chapter 5 lists additional exceptions to the search warrant requirement. Provide a complete description of each of these exceptions and cite a major case supporting each exception.(must at be 125 words)

3.Which of the exceptions to a search warrant is the weakest legally in your opinion? Give your rationale and cite any cases supporting your opinion.(must be 125 words)

4.If you were a Supreme Court Justice, what other search warrant exceptions would you deem necessary? Give your rationale for each.(must be 125 words)

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