Criminology 1 question dark figure of crime

Read all directions…………
Please be sure to use expanded/critical thought and detail when replying to each of the essay questions (short or vague and general answers are not acceptable).

In short, you will need to write a full essay (see below for further guidance). In addition, pls dont forget to proofread your replies for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.,
1. While there is no minimum length, a good essay response frequently ranges from a minimum of 500 to 650 words each. Brief, and or incomplete essays will not fare well, nor will those with what appear to be good length but when reading it one concludes there is a lot of fluff (e.g., no and or little critical thought and or simply restating facts). Again I am looking for college level work/responses (e.g., making sense of the material, applying it to the real world, connecting the dots of what might appear to be unrelated data, etc). In short, critical thought is paramount.
2. Like content, adherence to, APA formatting (to include full references and in-text citations where appropriate), spelling (stated earlier above so this must be important), in-text citations, and word structure are all very important in your essay responses.
3. You will need to include no less than 2 outside peer reviewed sources to support each question.

Question 1

What is meant by the Dark figure of crimeand why is it important? What are the two main sources of crime data collection in the US that try and get at the dark figure of crime? Compare and Contrast them. What are their strengths and weaknesses?