Criminology aspect of crime and justice.

One of the major forms of research conducted by criminologists is searching for and analyzing information in published materials. These materials include:
(a) peer-reviewed journal articles (articles published in academic journals);
(b) government documents (These are discussed in Chapter 2 of the textbook and include reports such as those published by the National Institute of Justice [National Crime Victimas Survey], FBI [Uniform Crime Report & National Incident-Based Reporting System], state governments, the Department of Defense, etc.);
(c) mass media reports (articles in major newspapers [The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.] and electronic media outlets [ABC, Fox, CNN, etc.])
Each of the above types of information sources has its strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the kind of research a criminologist is conducting, one of these may prove more useful than the others.

Your task in this assignment is to find three examples of publications, articles, reports, or stories from each of these information sources. Thus, you will have a total of nine sourcesa three for each information source type. The topics of the works must be pertinent to some aspect of crime and justice.
1. Provide an American Psychological Association (APA) reference or citation (which is a standardized format for referring to a publication or a web site) for each of the nine works. If you do not know what an APA citation or reference is, and how they are prepared, see the handy a?APA Citation
2. Provide a brief description of the work. Each of the nine descriptions should be about 100 words in length. The description should tell your reader what the work is about and how it is relevant to students of criminology.

3. Write an analysis of the value of each of the three types of information sources from which you gathered examples. In other words, after describing each of the nine works, present a discussion of what you learned about the value to criminologists of peer-reviewed journal articles versus government documents versus mass media reports. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? We are looking for some critical thinking about each source of information! This section should be at least three paragraphs long