Criminology situational aspects of crime

tasks: from a situational crime prescriptive it is believed that environment (social and physical) changes will reduce crime and deviance discuss. Use case studies and examples to support your analysis.
1.1 Evaluate some key assumptions made by the rational choice theory.
1.2 Analyse the perceived effort involved in carrying out crime which can contribute to crime prevention.
2.1 Critically discuss ways of increasing the perceived risks of being caught
2.2 Discuss ways of reducing the anticipated rewards of crime
2.3 critically examine arguments that support reducing provocation as a way of removing excuses for the criminal
3.1 Discuss ways in which routines activity theory can be distinguished from rational choice theory
3.2 critically evaluate how steps taken within a household or workplace or on the internet can minimize of prevent the likely hood of a family or organization becoming victims of crime.
Note: Do not reproduce the questions or criteria in the essay.***