Critical analysis and evaluation of the nursing care and treatment of cerebral vasospam following subarachnoid haemorrhage

Objectives of Study:
To critically analyse the effectivenesss of Triple H therapy on patients following Subarachnoid Haemorrhage.

To critically evaluate the nurses role in identifying complications associated with Triple H therapy.

To critically appraise and compare alternative nursing interventions/treatments of vasospasm.

Structure of study
Contents page, introductory section, Methodological Section, Continuing Chapters, Conclusion, Reference list and Bibliography.

Structure of introductory section
Background information to the study:
In this section set the scene in terms of why this study is important for contempory professional practice. It allows you to identify the patient group to be focused upon and gives a rationale for choice. This section should be supported by current policy as relevant or related literature. In this section it probably be necessary to bring in related medical developments in terms of diagnosis, treatment and management.

Rationale: Identifies and explores why the topic is important for current practice.

Relevance: Spell out why choice of topic is pertinent for area of practice (Neurosurgical nursing)

Parameters and limitations: What will and will not be included. Justify why you may not include XXXX. How many years does the review cover and why? Are you using international sources? Includecautiousness with any of the sources of literature? Please briefly describe how you went about searching the literature e.g databases and search engines.

Methodology: please includeShow that you fully understand the value of a literature review for generating new knowledge. Give an overview of any methodological issues that have risen during the critique of the body of literature. You can of course not complete this until you have critiqued all of the literature. You will still need to discuss the research as it is discussed in the main body of the study. This section is merely an overview.

Key themes or synopsis of chapters: This is the final part of the introduction. Give a brief synopsis of each chapter.