Critical analysis essay based on the selected lab

based on the Media Lab 5, write a 1500 words well-organized, analytic essay in which you take on the tasks listed in the Lab. Of course, please write your essay in your own words. Please include your experience with television shows in the assignment. Because it asks you to draw from your experience, and not simply one episode of one program, your answer will need to be broad. Please a?diga? for your experience online, meaning search for examples of TV shows that form your experience and background, and include links to some of the episodes you are discussing, and include in your references. Do not answer the questions in the Lab in just a general or vague way. Be specific!
Requirements/Structure: At a minimum your paper should include:
1. Your name and title of the paper at the top of the first page. Please print the attached grading rubric and attach it to the back of your assignment.
2. A one paragraph introduction in which you introduce your subject of analysis. Do not assume your reader is aware that your essay is in response to an assignment; introduce your topic so that your essay addresses a broader audience than just this classroom.
3. A clear and concise analytic thesis statement or claim about the task at hand. What are you trying to prove or establish?
4. An analysis using relevant principles drawn from the textbook and class discussion. Your goal is to effectively combine the theoretical principles with your own critical observations.
5. A critical conclusion in which you briefly reflect on the implications of your analysis and discussion. Donat repeat everything you just said.
6. A clear set of sources, following the APA guidelines for referencing. There should be between 7 and 10 academic sources. Wikipedia does not count as an academic resource.
Format Guidelines: The paper must be typed, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, Times New Roman, with one inch margins. Follow APA style guidelines (6th ed.). The essay should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner and should not exceed 4 pages maximum.
Grading: The short essay will be graded on a 100 point scale. It will be assessed on its organizational clarity, construction of argument, use of theoretical principles in the textbook, depth of analysis, and style and artistry.
rule rubric:
Organizational Clarity a 20 points
Transitions (motivated?)
Arrangement (easy to follow?)
Construction of Argument a 20 points
Thesis Statement
Provides Adequate Evidence
Use of Theoretical Principles a 20 points
Defines Central Concepts
Explains Concepts Clearly
Depth of Analysis a 20 points
Degree of Critical Insight
Concrete Examples from media texts
Style and Artistry a 20 points
Grammar and Language Use
Follows Format Guidelines
Appropriate Style (APA, 6th Edition)

Media lab5: doing cultural/ideological analysis. The aim of this lab is to utilize concepts of representation to analyze media texts. Specifically, students will investigate how issues of social power and ideology helps structure the representation of particular social groups in the contemporary media landscape. Students may select a group from following: children, elderly, rich, poor, women, men, blacks,whites, guys and persons with disabilities. based on your experience with media, with what frequency is your group represented?do you think this group is overor underrepresented? why?
What association(stereotypes) are frequently made with this group? list at least ten. are these associations generally positive, negative,or both? Provide examples of specific media texts that either reinforce or challenge the associations you listed above. which column is longer? why?