Critical analysis of a critical care nursing intervention

Summative Assessment:
> select a paediatric patient who is requiring level 2 intensive care support, undertake a hollistic assessment on your own patient of choice having sought consent.
> one nursing intervention you have implememnted based onn the assessment this will be focus on the essay.
> critically analyze the physiological basis and relevance of the nursing intervention on the chosen patient.
> evaluate the outcome of this nursing intervention
> An introduction to the patient and the context of care explained with an outline of the hollistic assessment
> context and justification of the critical care nursing intervention
> review of the assessment findings that informed the nursing intervention
> evidence base for the intervention
> interaction with other body systems and or other care issues must be discussed
> the potential risks of the intervention or non-intervention must be discussed
> review of the outcome
> significance and implications of findings and the interrelationships of these to the paitne
implications of practice
> Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis
> demonstrate theory-practice link
> strongly relate to the selected patient
> follow a structured essay format ie: must include an introduction, a focused discussion with logical lines of argument and discussions. Heading may be used if desired.