Critical analysis of a patients journey through Paediatric Intensive Care Unit from a nursing perspective.

Aim: to enable you to evaluate nursing strategies that facilitates the care of a critically ill child and family in their intensive care experience.

Guidelines for the summative essay:
. select a criticially ill infant, child or young person with complex (multi organ problems) healthcare needs.
. identify one episode during the patients journey as the focus of your essay.
. identify the significance of this episode in the context of the entire journey.
. your critical evaluation must relate to the identified patient and their experience.
consideration of inter-professional working should be included.

You essay must include:
. an introduction to the patient with rationale of your choice.
. an overview of the patients journey through PICU, identifying key stages/events.
. an in depth, critical exploration and analysis of one episode in their journey..
. significance and implications of analysis and the interrelationships of these to your patient.
implications and recommendations for future practice.

The Work should:
. demonstrate critical evaluation and analysis.
. focus upon to the selected patient and the intensive care experience.
. follow a structured essay format i.e. must include and introduction, a focused discussion with logical lines of argument and conclusion.
. confidentiality must be maintained, specific care areas, trusts, clients or staff must not be named in the main body of the assignment or in appendices.
. the work should be supported with up to date, relevant literature which justifies and supports your discussion. (Harvard referencing)

> include ethical/legal/personal discussion. focus on patient/family experience during the entire journey (family centered care).
> talk about how do you support the patient and family as a nurse.
> Journey talk about the impact of episode to patient and family

example of assignment:
> emergency/critical admission in PICU
> Cardio respiratory arrest in PICU
> Surgical procedure i.e before surgery (Peri-operative period), during surgery (intra-operative period), after surgery (post operative period)
> Nutritional problem in PICU i.e Total parenteral nutrition, naso gastric feeding, gastrosotmy feeding.
> failed extubation in PICU