Critical analysis of a recent PR, advertising or social media campaign

A critical analysis of a recent PR, advertising or social media campaign (which can include personal branding and facebook charity donation campaigns), with reference to one or more topics studied on this module.

Chosen campaign: Nike Launches Risk Everything Campaign Ahead of the 2014 World Cup

Advertising myths: the strange half-lives of images and commodities Cronin, Anne M. 2004

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A century of spin: how public relations became the cutting edge of corporate power Miller, David, Dinan, William 2008

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Chapter 1: Consumers, Markets and Markerplaces; in Promotional culture and convergence: markets, methods, media Helen Powell 2013

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i??Convergence on the Street: Rethinking the authentic/commercial binaryi?? Sarah Banet-Weiser 2011

i??Chapter 2: For Love or Moneyi?? in The peoples platform: taking back power and culture in the digital age Astra Taylor 2014

If you could use at least 7 of the references provided