Critical analysis of a rhetorical message, which is, A Raisen Bran cereal box.”

Your paper should include the following components:
i § Introduction
i § Interesting opening
i § Your research question (What is your purpose in writing this paper? That is, what are you
trying to discover or understand about this message?)
i § Thesis statement (What is your answer to the research question?)
i § Rationale/justification for your study (What is the significance of your study?)
i § Preview of the topics discussed in your paper
i § Background/Literature Review
i § Brief summary of your artifact (a few sentences describing the box in general)
i § Any relevant background information that will help your reader better understand the
contexts (social, economic, political, historical) of this message
i § Your a?contexta? research should include (but not be limited to) a trip to the grocery store to
look at product placement on the shelves in relation to other cereals and brands
i § Also do some research on the company making the cereal. How do the product and the
choices made fit with, represent, or contrast with the company or the image it presents
through marketing or community relations?
i § Brief mention of the significance of this artifact (Why study cereal boxes?)
i § Method of Analysis
i § Brief discussion of some of the terms/methods of analysis offered in class during the critical
thinking workshops. For THIS paper only, this section may be more brief than it would be
typically, as you are not required to use one of the formal search models.
i § Report of Findings
i § Present what you have learned about this message.
i § This section should be consistent with your thesis statement. Tell your reader what you are
claiming about this cereal box.
i § Be sure you offer specific examples from the box to support claims you are making. Use
actual quotations and mention specific aspects of the message.
i § Conclusion
i § Answer your research question. Restate your claim(s) about the message.
i § Explain the implications of your study. What should we take with us from your study? What
is important for rhetorical critics to learn from your analysis? What is important for society to
learn from your analysis?
i § End with a thoughtful statement that leaves your reader thinking.

I also have many other documents that i can email over to you to help you understand what is expected in terms of quality and content required. I wil explain more once i am contacted by you. Thank You.