Critical analysis of a scenario demonstrating an understanding of the underpinning theoretical frameworks

You are asked to critically analyse the scenario focusing upon the nature of the therapeutic relationship. You are asked to choose two therapeutic approaches and compare and contrast these approaches in relation to the different perspectives each would bring to the scenario.

It is suggested that you consider the relationship between the counsellor and the clients in relation to its therapeutic nature In this section you are identifying what makes a therapeutic relationship different to other kinds of relationship.

We require you to demonstrate your ability to:

 Critically analyse the nature of therapeutic relationships

Please identify Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach as more appropriate to helping people through a bereavement and to offer a rationale why this is appropriate and compare and contrast it with the person-centred approach.

Then you must look at two different approaches, ( person centred and cognitive behavioural). Consider how the interaction in the scenario would be made sense of from each perspective. You can demonstrate your understanding of the core differences in their approach to helping.

We require you to demonstrate your ability to:

 Critically analyse the appropriateness of a range of therapeutic approaches to specific contexts
Please use any of the references on the attached instructions Theraputic Assignmentand any other academic references which are relevant (not wikipedia!)