Critical Analysis of Air Asia campaign

i want you to talk about air asia which campaign was advertised on my local newspaper ,i have scanned it an i ll will send it to u
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the campaign was on page 5 bottom but im sending wot was written on page 4,5,6 also.
the londonpaper is distributed freely in london outside train station undergroud and university shopping amll etc

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1.0 Product Offering, Competition and Customer Base for Air asia

1.1 S.W.O.T Analysis

The consultant felt it was necessary to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the product being offered.

1.1.1 Strengths
” The destinations are varied therefore consumers have a wide range of choices

1.1.2 Weaknesses
” The actual product (flights) is not a unique product because all competitors have this theme (sales) running during this period

1.1.3 Opportunities
” If the current promotion is successful then there is potential for extending the campaign during another period of time for example during Spring
” Increase customer database therefore the opportunity will be there for Air Asia to send any new promotional materials to those consumers.

1.1.4 Threats
” The current economic climate is a threat to the product because holidays are considered luxury products and therefore customers are not spending on such products
” Terrorism will always be a threat to the product as customers and organisations are all weary that terrorism can occur at any destination

1.2 Product Life Cycle

1.3 Business Orientation

1.4 Market Segment

1.5 Competitors

2.0 Advertising Campaign, Medium & Communication of Message

The consultant will now consider the advert featured in more detail in order formulate viable recommendations.

2.1 Style, Layout & Images

The advert is featured on page 4 on the london paper on page 5 (bootom. The london paper is free and distributed every week Monday to Friday example outside undergroud station ,train ,university

2.2 Target Audience & Message

The consultant deems that the message that is being portrayed in the advert seems to be about  discovery and  adventure . The advert is targeting people who have not travelled to these destinations before as well as targeting previous customers that have travelled with Air Asia before. The advert can also be targeted to consumers that want to get away from  the winter blues . The advert is of sales orientated as the fares of the destination are highlighted in red which is indicating discounts.

3.0 Advertising Media, Public Relations & Personal Selling

The consultant will now critically asses alternative advertising media that could have been used.

3.1 Alternative Advertising Media

3.1.1 Television
Television (TV) advertising is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format, as it is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial airtime during popular TV events.

3.1.2 Outdoor Advertising

The consultants feel that the medium that was chosen by British Airways for their advert (newspaper advert) is far more beneficial to them compared with outdoor advertising. The weather in London has not been immense therefore it would have been a big misjudgement to place the advert outdoors. By placing the advert in the newspaper consumers will be targeted much quicker. The message would be easy to convey on both outdoor advertising and newspaper advertising as they both use the same tools (imagery). The only advantage that newspaper adverts have is that newspapers have a higher readership.

3.1.4 Public Relations (PR)
Public relations will enhance the Air asia advert because it will support the current marketing campaign in a number of ways, from improving awareness and projecting credibility to the creation of direct sales. These types of PR will help air asia publicity, press releases, press conferences, interviews and events.

3.1.5 Personal Selling

4.0 Distribution Channels, Sales Support & Information and Communications Technology

4.1 Distribution Channels

4.1.2 Internet
. Some of the factors that British Airways will have to overcome in order to gain the trust of customers that do not use the internet is:

” Security  customers fear that suppliers lack security over financial transactions (credit cards)
” Scepticism  questions are being asked whether the suppliers can deliver what is being promised
” Uncertainty  the complexity of the system enhances fears of making the wrong decision for customers
(Buhalis & Laws, p.225, 2001)

4.1.3 Sales Support

4.1.4 Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

5.0 Market Research
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The following journals may provide useful additional references for your study:
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