Critical analysis of Assessment and Evaluation in the work place

This is the marking guide.
Criteria relevant to this course Weighting
(where applicable)
1. Achievement of specified assignment learning outcomes: 30%
a. Demonstrate an ability to plan and complete a study based on a topic of particular interest to them;.
b. Demonstrate a capacity for analysis and synthesis of material and use evidence selectively to further exemplify the discussion;
c.Demonstrate an ability to evaluate theoretical approaches and their influence and discuss educational issues in an informed and balanced manner;

2. Structure, organisation and presentation of the coursework: 15%
3. Use of sources (including referencing and bibliography): 15%
4. Application of theory, use of principles and concepts: 20%
5. Evidence of analytical, critical and independent thinking: 20%
Total 100%
Please use as many upto date references from reputable books and educational journals as possible, minimum 20 please