Critical analysis of Developing Performance and Career Management in Talent Management

While critically analysing this component of the talent pipeline give specific reference tot he potential impact on the employment relationship. Try to avoid simply describing the componenet of the talent pipeline used in the essay try to highlight how the componenetpositively and or negatively impacts the employment relationship. Give balanced pros and cons. consider the perspective of both the applicant and employee as wess as this gives a broader appreciation of relevant issues, think too about line managers rather than merely the HR view. Think about thewhat impact means (e.g. cost, speed, good decisions, views of those involved, legality, airness etc). You must write concisely and not use valuable words describing situations. you must be analytical rather than merely telling a story, analyse why the situation was as it was, the implications of this and how this compared to good practice. Dont rely soley on your own experience for examples these only represent one view.

Core Text Book : Pilbeam, S. & Corbridge, M. 2010) People Resourcing & Talent Planning: HRM in Practice 4th Edition Pearson Education UK