Critical analysis of EasyJet and Ryanairs compliance with corporate social responsibility and ethics, based on academic literature


The type of work is not an Essay, but a report.

It is a group assignment therefore I only need one section of the report to be written (2500 words)

My part of the report is critical analysis of the literature included earlier in the report (attached)

For my section of the paper, please critically analyse and compare easyjet and ryanairs compliance of CSR using the literature and theories mentioned in the other parts of the essay titled literature review. Research must be done into real life examples of both companies either complying with CSR theory or not. Criticism of the theories is welcome, as long as it is related to Ryanair or Easyjet. Feel free to use each companys annual report as one of the sources.

Lastly, I dont need to tell you that my university is very strict with plagiarism and check all of our work using turnitin, please make sure I am the only one who receives a copy of the work.

Feel free to use 10 or more sources (minimum 8 please)