Critical analysis of Last Night”(Page 537) and The Flea(Page 504) in The Norton Introduction to Literature, Eleventh Edition.

The two poetry that I am going to use is Last Nightby Sharon Olds (Page 537), and The Fleaby John Donne (Page 504). They are in The Norton Introduction to Literature, Eleventh Edition.


1. Develop an original, insightful thesis statement that compares the poem you presented in class to at least one other poetic selection from The Norton Introduction to Literature. Within your analysis, discuss how the meaning is informed by content (plot, setting, symbolism, etc.) and form: lineation, rhyme, meter, alliteration, diction, or other
rhetorical features.

Essay Overview
For your Presentation Essay, you will compose a 5-page, critical analysis on your presentation poem and at least one other poem from The Norton Introduction to Literature, which is due before class on Friday, March 7th.

Your essay should critically analyze your chosen texts, featuring your ability to interpret meaning, compare and contrast other works, synthesize new ideas, and demonstrate an awareness of logic and reasoning. Since you have the benefit of revision, you should expect to produce a mechanically sound and stylistic paper, one that clearly presents a thoughtful and original position.

*Secondary Sources and Works Cited Page
In addition to The Norton Introduction to Literature, you must cite at least two secondary outside sources that in some way
strengthen your essay. Your sources might provide additional evidence to support your thesis, illustrate a specific point you have presented, or address the viewpoint of another writer you wish to agree with or argue against.

The quality of your secondary sources also matters, meaning that academic or research-oriented sources will be valued for credibility over simple Google searches and popular opinion. While you are welcome to cite in-class texts such as class discussions or papers, these should not be counted as outside sources.

*Please also help me to cited the outside source at the end