Critical Analysis of Market Access With Regard To the ECJ Rules on Free Movement of Goods

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Chapter 1: Introduction; (Aims of the research Methodology Outline of Chapters)
*Based on the proposal introduction [ attached ].

Chapter 2: Theory of European Integration Explain the different theories ( define, talk about the two approaches.
*Based on Paul Craig and Grainne de Burca, i??EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materialsi?? [ P 587 EU Integration Theories.
* Based on the outline [ attached ].

Chapter 3: Free movement of goods rules and the CJEU role. Article 34, 35.
* Based on Maduro We Are The Court. Very Important book.

Chapter 4: CJEU ( the debate if the CJEU judgements based on [ market access or discrimination ] support the view with Cases.
*Barnard the substantive Law of EU [ book ]

Chapter 5: Conclusion.

** Notes:
1-Be careful with the OSCOLA referencing system and make sure it is correct.
2Recommended Article to use: Understanding Market access: exploring the economic rationality of different conceptions of free movement law.

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