Critical analysis of one of William Blakes poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience….

Write a critical analysis of one of William Blake s poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience.
--Select one of the complementary pairs of poems in Songs of Innocence and of Experience. How do they illustrate William Blake s thesis that they show Two Contrary States of the Human Soul”?

.......Guidelines for Preparing the First Essay
*It is imperative that you reread the works you are examining. *Be sure that you have come up with an appropriate and revealing title for your essay.
*Be sure that your essay has an approporiate introduction in which your thesis or main idea is stated with clarity and precision. Be sure that you adequately introduce all of the works you are examining. Be sure to provide an explanation of the significance and importance of the theme or idea under consideration. Have you made clear what specific aspect(s) of the text(s) the essay will address

Be sure that your essay has a coherent organizational plan. It is often quite useful to construct an outline of your first draft. This will help you to get a better sense of whether or not you have organized your material adequately. Your organizational plan can only take shape once you have your thesis stat ement in place. Be sure that your essay is not repetitive.

*Be sure that your argument is built up out of careful consideration of a number of specific passages from the text(s). Also, please be sure to provide your reader with in text citations for quotations from the primary and secondary sources. (Follow MLA format for such citations).

* Be certain that you do not waste your time summarizing or paraphrasing the text(s) under examination. Since your essay must have a focused thesis and must make a critical point supported through careful textual analysis, you will have to pay close attention to the ideas and language of the text(s) under consideration. This means that you will need to quote from the text(s).

Do not allow your use of a line from the text to turn the sentence in which it appears into a fragment or a run on. If you are still confused about how to incorporate quotations from the texts into your essay, please review the ways in which such quotations from the texts are handled in the introductions to our editions and in the critical essays which have been assigned this semester. For more
clarification on this issue you should consult a book like Diana Hacker s A Writer s Reference.
*Be sure that you comment on the sign ificance of the lines and passages that you quote.

Do not assume that such quotations will speak for you or explain your position.

*Be sure that your essay includes a conclusion in which your main ideas are stated with clarity and strength.