Critical analysis of some aspect of the story A ROse For Emily you must use three secondary sources concerning the story. You may use more; ho

I want the paper to be a critical analysis of some aspect of the story. The paper will be similar to the first and possibly the second and third papers (depending on which route you took). However, you must use three secondary sources concerning the story. You may use more; however, you need a minimum of three. You donat have to agree with the critics; you may disagree with them or add to what they have said.

You will need to be familiar with MLA format for research papers. A good source for MLA format would be a grammar handbook. You can also find guides to MLA format online.

Some things to remember:
1. Blend quotations into the paper by introducing them; donat just start quoting.
2. Please donat plagiarize; you must give credit to your sources, even if you are paraphrasing.

The length of this paper should be four to five pages double spaced. You will need to do an outline with the thesis statement that will be the same in the paper.
Also, you will need to do a works cited page that lists the sources you have used. The short story that you choose should also be included in the works cited page. On the Works Cited page, the short story should be treated as a Work in an Anthology.

An example for a topic would be to show how Emilyas father caused her psychological problems in a?A Rose for Emily.a?

Another would be to show how a?The Lotterya? displays the consequences of blindly following tradition without thinking.

However, I want you to choose a story and a topic that interests you. Remember, we are not looking for right or wrong. We are looking for possibilities. In other words, how well do you present your thesis with evidence from the story?