Critical analysis of The Globalisation of Childhood and The Cultural Politics of Childhood

attached is the actual assignment containing four statements that need to be answered.

case studies are be used as examples to give clarity to the answer such as child soldiers, street children, child labour, sexual exploitation, migration etc.

Would suggest no more than three/four case studies used throughout, as potentially the ones suggested can be used interchangably.

In a previous essay for the same module I used street children as a case study, which can also be attached if this would help. If necessary i can also send a copy of module handbook which gives a full reading list for case studies
Referencing must be Harvard Style
books that need to be used are
1. Changing Childhoods : Local and Global(2003) edited by Heather Montgomery, rachel Burr and martin Woodhead.
2. James & James (2004) Constructing Childhood :theory, policy and pracice