Critical Analysis Questions on an article attached

This order has two attachments ( Human factors article & 27Questions)

Using the article Human factors(Attached)

Provide detailed responses to the following:

1.Questions for Critical Analysis of Content of Texts (WD, p. 72). (10 questions)

2. Questions for Critical Analysis of Genre, Organization, and Stylistic Features of Texts (WD, p. 73). (9 questions)

3. Questions for Critical Analysis of Rhetorical Context of Texts (WD, p. 73 74). (8 questions)

Total of 27 Question.(Attached)

In future, I will place a new order and it will be assigned to you. The new order is related to this order ( the 27 questions), it will be to write Critical Analysis essay (1300words) about the same article Human factors”.

Added on 28.04.2015 04:40
the Human factorsarticle was chosen by me from the schoolS library, because the instructor required us to choose an article in our field or major of study. My major is Industrial Engineering and I chose this subject because it goes under engineering topics.