Critical analysis related to the care of critically ill patients requiring high dependency care..

Students should choose a topic for their seminar from one of the five topics listed below:

1. Caring for the patient with respiratory problems
2. Caring for the patient with cardiac problems
3. Caring for the patient in shock
4. Caring for the patient with renal problems
5. Managing the psychological care of high dependency patients

Assignment Brief Details of Assignment
An analysis of a critical incident related to the care of a patient of a highei dependency who is critically ill. You should identify and critique the rationale for the care you delivered with regard to relevant research.
Word Limit: 3000 words.
A 10% margin of error is allowed in the whole document ^

Assignment Guidelines
The following areas should be considered within your writing:
The course learning outcomes must be clearly demonstrated within your work. The following areas should be considered within you writing:
« ” Appraisal of the research on the care, treatment and or issues raised within the reflection of patients requiring high dependency care and assess the relevence, strengths and weaknesses of the research for application and utilisation in practice.
” ” Provision of a rationale for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the care of critically ill patients, utilising the underpinning physiology, specialist knowledge and skills appropriate to the situation and care required for the patient and their relatives.
» ” Critically apply the use of technical and therapeutic skills to the management of an acutely ill patient and family. Also consider the implications of the care delivered in relation to interventions provided by the multidisciplinary team.
” ” Throughout the assignment students should explore and discuss the concepts of critical care. In addition critically analyse the effectiveness of the care they delivered to the patient and family within their experiences, as appropriate.
” ” The conclusion should identify implications for future practice development.
In addition to the above the following areas should also be considered.
” Your work should contain a reflective element.
” Reference to appropriate Department of Health and Nursing and Midwifery documents should be made as well as reference to critical incidents and the assessment process.
” Links should be made between the care that is delivered and its relevance to practice.
” An understanding of how the underpinning theory impacts on care and the decision making process.
” Exploration of the rationale behind care delivered.
” Exploration of the psycho-social needs of the patient and their family.
” The application of technical and therapeutic skills by the multi-disciplinary team in caring for patients within the critical care setting.
” The incident should be clearly and methodically analysed
” Clinical learning must be evident and implications for practice should be highlighted and discussed.
Students work should be supported by a complete reference list using the Harvard Referencing System.

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Use at least 25 different references, books, journals, internet etc.
Pls. Use Harvard System