Critical appraisal of research traumatic brain injury

Using your critical appraisal skills, you will answer the following questions in narrative format.
1. In your own words, describe what the research article is about.
2. What was the question posed for this study?
3. What were the methods used to conduct this study?
4. What were the results of the study?
5. What was missing from the study?
6. How would this research help you in working with your patient from case study?
7. How would this research add to occupational therapy profession for the future?
The paper has to be written based on attached research article (Application of the spacing effect to improve learning and memory for functional tasks in traumatic brain injury: a pilot study). I also attached a case study (Donald) which has to be incorporated into question 6.
If you have any questions or additional info, please email me.
Thank you