Critical article review of The Girl Effectby Mark Twain

1. Identifying the main point(s) of the reading. Whatas the authoras argument?
2. Identifying and critiquing the authoras methods. How does the author come to his or her
conclusions? Were the authoras methods appropriate? How might another researcher approach
this topic?
3. Critiquing the main concept(s)/argument(s). Does the author make a compelling argument?
Why or why not? What points of view are missing? What specific pieces of evidence do you find
compelling? Do some outside research. Find at least two articles that discuss this issue.
Incorporate these articles into your critique. Turn in these articles with your paper.
4. Relating the reading to at least two concepts discussed in class. What sociological concepts
and ideas are present in the article? Give examples and be specific!
5. Responding to the author(s) by discussing your thoughts about the article. How does this
article relate to your own life and personal experiences? Whatas your opinion of the subject
6. Providing a thought provoking discussion question for the class.