Critical audit and preparation of report

Its a group assignment my part is to survey my University (UTS) University of technology ,Sydney policies to gather data on current strategies to enhance participation and involvement of Indigenous Australians , I will attach the assignment , outline and the group work I suppose survey indigenous education and employment please refer to the links below for the information that you may need :



My group asked me to do this work:

Alaaas Work

Perhaps if you focus on these points

1. Strengths and weakness and efficacy of UTS Indigenous polices
(We understand that addressing efficacy may be difficult so donat worry about that too much unless you have some thoughts about it because Ali is going to do some work on the statistics.)

What we have written so far needs a lot of work but if you can do your bit we will
focus on the rest.

Alaa you will need to make it quite short or in point form even. What does everyone else think. Alla it would great if you could find out how many indigenous students are enrolled at UTS in the Health facility if they are willing to tell you. You could also ask how many indigenous staff are employed.
Also the group send me this as well:

I found this, I think at one point we estimated the following word breakdown.
1500 words total

Executive summary 100
Table of contents
200 Introduction 200
50 Aim statement -50
Search strategy -100
Findings 200
Discussion 350
Recommendations 300
Conclusion 200
Author Statement
The reference is UTS Harvard ,there is link in the outline you can refer to it