Critical care orientation and the importance of developing clinical reasoning

I am obtaining my masters by composing a comprehensive which is a total of 5 individual chapters/ papers. I will need assistance with only the first chapter at this time. The first chapter of a comprehensive is to be based on the specific topic that is chosen and it justifies why it is important and why the topic must be addressed.

The over all topic of my comprehensive is: Critical Care Orientation and the importance of developing clinical reasoning to practice safely and competently in critical care.

The papers following this one will cover the following:

1.”key competencies are essential to developing a proficient critical care nurse”
2. teaching learning strategies that assist in the development of cclinical reasoning

The current problem in critical care orientation is that nurses do not receive enough orientation to develop Clinical reasoning”. Clinical reasoning in nursing is not only the process of knowing but as doing. Clinical reasoning has 3 components: knowledge, cognition and metacognition.


I. Statement/Problem: Registered nurses that transition/ orientate into an intensive care unit do not receive enough orientation to develop the ability to clinically reason and key competencies/essentials (for critical care competentcies/essentials you can refer to the American Association of Critical Care Nursing, AACN) needed to practice safely in critical care.

II. Definition of clinical reasoning
a. may go into the history of critical thinking and how it has transitioned into clinical reasoning in nursing

III. Theoretical Foundation
a. Use Benners Novice to Expert theory
i. this section will explain the Novice to Expert theory and then lead into why we are focusing on simulation, case studies and refelexion. As each strategy is discussed refer back to the the Novice to Expert theoretical foundation and describe how it fits together.

IV. Developing Clinical reasoning
a. simulation
b. case studies
c. reflection

V. Summary/Conclusion