Critical case study exploration using gibbs model

Critical Exploration of case study:

Aim of Assessment;
Using the case study provided within which a student was assessed at the mid-term of a placement and found to be failing to meet their learning outcomes for the placement, an analysis will be undertaken, identifying where the student required assistance to meet their learning outcomes. Using the Gibbs (1998) reflective model the candidate will reflect on the scenario identifying strategies that can be adopted by the mentor/ preceptor can support the student and facilitate their achievement of their placement outcomes. In particular the assignment will:
i) Critically explore the teaching and learning strategies that could be employed in practice to assist the failing student to achieve their learning outcomes

ii) Describe how they would create/ maintain/ enhance the appropriate learning environment to enhance and support student learning

iii) Reflect on your own learning needs in relation to the identification and support of the failing student

The essay should have the following structure:

i?¶ A main section,which should be written in an academic style. Use of the first person is appropriate when writing about your personal experiences or perspective, whereas use of the third person is required when writing the literature review and in provision of theoretical perspectives.
Applying your model Section

i?¶ Stage 1 of model : Describe student case study

Identify your thoughts and feelings from this case study

i?¶ Stage 2 of model : Explore the literature relating to issues raised in the case study and evaluate what was positive and negative in relation to the student experience

i?¶ Stage 3 of model : Analysis of case Study Consider the possible rationale for the events that occurred during the case study comparing these with the literature on learning, teaching and assessment and student support.

i?¶ iv) Stage 4 of model: Reflect on what you have gained from this exploration of the experience applying your new knowledge. What else could have been done to support the student and ensure that they did not fail

i?¶ v) Stage 5 of model:Develop and action plan as to how this new learning can be integrated into your future practice as a mentor / preceptor should you encounter a similar situation with a student.
reference citation and listing should be carried out in the harvard style.

You are mentoring a 2nd year student nurse who is undertaking a 5 week placement with you. She is a very kind and caring person, always willing to help other staff and patients. You notice however that she has difficulty in being able to prioritise and co-ordinate the care needs of patients that you both have responsibilities for. She also appears to lack confidence in her nursing skills and has difficulties in relating theory to practice.
In discussions in relation to this student with colleagues, it appears that she occasionally also displays poor practices. For example, she is frequently late for duty and you are concerned she may be unsafe to practice, in that she frequently does not complete the instructions given to her by these other staff and leaves the care given to patients unfinished.