Critical Eric Schlosser (2002) Fast food nationwhat the all america dream is doing to the world. Chapter 10: Global realization (pp.225-234)

writing a critique of this paper requires you to:
become familiar with the concepts of mass production and consumption in the food industry against the context of increasing diversity.
provide a brief and succinct summary of the main arguments of this paper in your own words:
chose a small number of arguments and issues in order to discuss these in great detail
show how this article relate to past and/ or contemporary trends and developments in the hospitality industry
critically evaluate the main arguments ( which aspects of this paper do you agree with? which observations/ suggestions do you disagree with? Why?) drawing on the existing academic literature in support of your views.

Criteria for assessment of the critique
present a clear, succinct and concise overview of the authors hey arguments
critically analyse the articles content, i.e. the theoretical underpinning as well as the case study
support your critical evaluation with reference to the work of other academic texts
coherently summarise the key aspects of your critical analysis
acknowledge all your sources using the Harvard system for the references in the text as well as the bibliography

the critique will be assessed using the following criteria:
Knowledge and understanding of the theoretical approach and applied contents
depth of analysis i.e. critical evaluation of the usefulness and suitability of the text recognizing that there are several alternative approaches available for the critical study of hospitality industry
structure i.e. the critique needs to contain a succinct introduction of the theoretical framework and the case study, followed by a critical evaluation of this approach and a succinct summary of the main points of agreement and disagreement
written communication and presentation i.e. clear structure and neat presentation