Critical evaluate the Outokumpus practices in supply chain management and provide the Outokumpu with your recommendation

This assignment should be about 2500 words long and presented in a report format. The reference should use Harvard referencing. This report must be written as a business report. Outokumpu is company you need to analyse. The main body of this report should only relevant and focus on the theory which about global supply chain network design, supply chain planning and operation,demand forecasting and coordination & partnership in a global supply chain. you can describe Outokumpu a little bit, but do not describe its history. you can critique theory using example of practice in this report, such as the advantages & disadvantages of the locations of Outokumpu plants and where theory would suggest that they are located-why are there different? what are the wider contextual factors that have influenced this? Remember that in practice organisations have to be much more flexible than theory alone would suggest, and sometimes employ hybrid models. Make sure that this report is analytical rather than descriptive. You will need to not just explain what Outokumpu do, but why they adopt certain strategies in the light of the theory that I have provided.

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you do not need analyse all 5 topics which I have sent to you, I hope you choose global supply chain network design, supply chain planning & operation and partnership & coordination in supply chain to analyse Outokumpu. Thank u

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Dear writer,

I got an email from teacher, they gave me some example of their expect: 1. OutokumpuS supply chain approach(Pull or Push), supply strategy (efficient or responsive). 2. OutokumpuS supply chain process: Planning, Sourcing, Making, Delivering, Return. 3. OutokumpuS supply chain network (eg. locations of their suppliers, customers, strategy / approach the company use to manage their supply chain partners.) 4. Provide your recommendation for Outokumpu to improve the supply chain activities analysed above which you think there is a scope for improving such activities,

Not Expext: Discussion of pure theoretical issues (E.G. the advantages and disadvantages of Kanban system without linking to Outokumpu company).

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