Critical incident (implementing a merit rating system into a )

write critical incident essay. analyze a situation based in a private foster care agency.
” paper is to provide diagnosing the organizations environment dynamics and planning an appropriate theory-based OD intervention(s).

” The critical incident essays should be 6 pages long, 12-point Times Roman font. (Use APA guidelines)
” The critical incident report will use the following format;
(1) A description of the situation. (the company does not have a merit system in place. there are enough employees now aned the organization wants to implement an appropriate merit system.)Growing Home Southeast (formerly Human Services Associates) was founded in 1979 as a social service agency in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1987, the agency opened an office in Bamburg, South Carolina with the executive director serving as the only staff person.

Within a few months of operation in South Carolina, the first child was placed in one of our foster homes and we have consistently grown since. By 1994, the need for serving a special population of foster youth was identified and the agency began providing a Medically Fragile program.

In March, 2005, Growing Home Southeast acquired the programs of Family Resources, Inc. of Beaufort, SC, increased its staff size to nearly fifty employees statewide, managed services for more than 200 clients and entered the home-based services market.

(2) apply relevant diagnostic frameworks from individual,
group, inter-group, organizational, and organization/environment levels of understanding in order to analyze what is occurring in the situation.
(3)use relevant facts to back-up your diagnosis.
(4) explain how your biases might be influencing your perceptions of the situation and your ability to stand back and analyze the situation objectively.
(5) explain how you might overcome any biases to become an effective OD agent in this situation.
(6) recommend specific intervention(s) to improve the situation.
(7) suggest two action steps you would take based upon what you have learned in the diagnosis and intervention planning.

If you could provide an outline of the paper within the next 2-3 days so that I can review before you get to the meat of the paper.