Critical issues in management book review

1,the books name is J. Twitchell, Lead Us Into Temptation: the Triumph of American Materialism, Columbia University Press, 1999
2,For your written review, do not simply summarize a book. There are 3 main elements in a good review.
(1) You need to show that you can grasp your book s key points by highlighting its overall message: tell the reader what stands out about it and, for example, underline any key surprising facts that the book presents. Good reviews in the quality press illustrate how to do this.
(2) Contribution. Reviews written by professional academics should say what a book adds to its field. You are not expected to be an instant expert, but you should be able to comment intelligently on what a book says about the nature of business and management today. Several books address globalization, for example. From what you have studied at WBS on this topic, you should be able to discuss the stance that a book takes, where this fits into debates, and so on. Where a book is less familiar to you, take a  critical stance as someone about to graduate in business and management: what do you think the book says to the field?
(3) Evaluation. The purpose here is critical evaluation, and not just opinion. Think of the elements of critical thinking developed in CIM, and use them to address your book. What are its bases of evidence and are these convincing? How does this book compare to any others that you have read or to other types of evidence of which you are aware? Does the book offer some important points while being, overall, flawed or one-sided? What other evidence might an author need to make a case? For example, if a book argues that X and Y lead to success, does it offer convincing comparisons of  success and  failure and provide evidence that it was indeed X and Y that were important to the former and not the latter? Overall, what is your assessment of the value of the book and how did you engage with it?
3,Your own analysis is key. It is a strong point to be able to say something on the lines of: this book has been widely reviewed in the business press, and the most convincing evaluations of it are by A and B who say & & .(give exact sources). It is also fine to say, for example: initially this book seemed convincing but, when I read the review by PQ, I realized that it had flaws. But it is your own analysis, in the light of what you have studied in CIM and at WBS as a whole, that we seek. And you must of course be careful to acknowledge fully all the sources that you use. This is one reason for writing the review soon after the presentation: it is easy to find some material, forget where it can from, and then re-use it without acknowledgement. The course team will be vigilant over cases of plagiarism, either from outside sources or from fellow students. You have learnt what good practice is; do not slip from proper standards in relation to this particular assignment.
4,Twitchell: A powerful defence of the value of consumption and consumerism, and an attack on what it sees as the negative critique of consumerism.