Critical literature review (peer support Vs postpartum depression)

This assignment need to synthsize and comment on the 10 selected journals basing the full critique of the 10 selected journals (I already done the critique part and will give you the soft copies)
This is just one (this is a review chapter) of the 8 chapters of the my assignment. I would like to order this one to see if the standard is good as my professor will go to details and demanding (that is why I opt the mark up price of added 30% for top writer)
The word count is: text: 2750, tables: 500. The references: over 40
Will order at least 2 more chapters (Thematic analysis, discussion) if this work is well written. And if there is time left before the deadline of assignment submission to my university, then some other chapters will be ordered for refinement and final organize of the whole work.
So, I think it will be good for you to prepare at least for the next 2 chapters (thematic analysis and discussion) when you read along the 10 selected articles as they are interrelated. So when I place order for another 2 chapters, it will be more easy for you.
I am looking for good quality work (as my Professor is demanding) and up to master level. Please deliver on time.