Critical periods in childwood. but read the journal article and do a critical review.

CRITICAL PERIODS a paper to review for formative assessment:
write a critical review of this jornal article just open the website. / The main aspects to concentrate on are the research strategy and how the study has been conducted: is this a good way to investigate the existence of critical/sensitive periods in human psychological development?

A critical review of a paper involves two main steps: Critical reading and Critical
When you read the paper a good place to start is to skim over the title, abstract, subheadings
and conclusions. Then read the paper completely without taking any
notes at first. The second time you read the paper, read it analytically, also taking
notes about the main ideas. It is also a good idea at this stage to highlight important
ideas and make a note of questions on areas that require further analyses. Think
about the authoras rationale for the research and whether there are any
methodological issues: How were participants selected? Is the design appropriate?
500 words only please
Are there suitable controls? Are there other explanations for the findings?
The writing part involves using your notes to write both a summary of the paper
(including rationale/aim, participants, brief method, findings and conclusion) plus a
critical evaluation of the paper. The critical part is crucial. This is where the
methodological issues you thought about during reading can be discussed.
Remember that any piece of writing you do for your degree should be at the level of
critical evaluation. Take care not to paraphrase or plagiarize the authors writing and
use your own words. If you are having difficulty discussing the paper in your own
words, you probably need to re-read the paper to get a better understanding of it.
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