Critical reflection on Obesity crisisand physical education


The assignment is about writing a Critical reflective essay on a contemporary issue facing physical education.(I chose Obesity crisis and physical education)Students must critical examine/investigate and research the issue. It is expected that student present a balanced piece of work, which is organised and coherent, utilises a variety of resources (references from books,journals articles,newspaper articles etc) and which provides Practicalsolutions or suggestions enabling the growth of the profession.”

I have written the assignment but it failed.I will attach my former assignment with my tutors comments.She said, that the style, format and referencing werent correct.
She also said, that I needed to use resources from the Medlineand Sportdiscusswebsites (three researches, views each)and present the Two sides”. Does the obesity crisis exist at all? How does PE fit into the picture?
I definetely need to cite Gard (HPE and the Obesity epidemic”) and Richard Tinning on the issue as well.
She said, I used Itoo much, which I shouldnt, it needs to be a Critical reflective essay”.