Critical review of a peer reviewed journal which I will give you

Please write a critical review of the paper that I will upload in a /
br /
Instructions:br /
br /
critical analysis, not just descriptivebr /
what is good/bad; strong/weak; advantage/disadvantagebr /
is the title really reflect the content?br /
did they ignore some findings?br /
correct design?br /
comment on the participantsbr /
what did they use to measure?br /
valid, reliable?br /
ethics right mentioned?br /
check guidelines of journalbr /
back the statement you make up!br /
type 1 error, type 2 error?br /
br /
br /
Introduce the theme in general, always present first what is not so good than what is /
br /
About 15 paragraphs 2000 max 2200 words-not more pls!!!br /
br /
What did they found, what did they do summarize the papaer briefly next step critical evaluationbr /
br /
3 steps Intro, Summary, Evaluation can use headings for that!br /
br /
challenge method sectionbr /
back everything up something is good – bring evidence why it is good and vice versa…br /
br /
In the first paragraph review what is it /
br /

some paper who may help: