Critical review of An Inconvenient Truthas presented by Al Gore.

Students are required to write a critical review of   An Inconvenient Truth  as presented by Al Gore.

Marking Criteria: Essays will be marked on:
The development of a clear introduction which prepares the reader for what is to follow

Critical analysis structure, consideration of key questions that should be considered when critically assessing media and development of argument backed up with evidence from literature.

The provision of a conclusion which clearly summarizes the argument.

Flow of essay (continuity of paragraphs)

References including number and range and the referencing style

Part A: Criteria
Clear statement of overriding argument
Argument broken into 34 succinct sub arguments
Identification of supporting points/ evidence for each sub argument

Part B: Criteria
Evidence of each literature research on each sub arguments
Range of literature
Referencing (in text)

Part C: Criteria
- well writing
- Clearly states argument of article being reviewed.
- Clearly states the argument of the review and how the essay contends to show this.
Body of the essay
-Clear statement of points being made.
Logical development of points.
Points are well supported by references
linking of point and paragraphs

- clear summary of argument
- no new argument
Style and rang.