Critical review on non-traditional method of requirement gathering

This assignment is an individual activity to create a structured abstract of a paper and provide a critical review of that same paper. The topic for the paper should be on non-traditional methods of requirements gathering. The work on the abstract and review however must be individual.
This is the acticle paper: S0166361503002252

Marking Criteria
Quality of Abstract
An excellent abstract will accurately reflect what is in the paper. There should be no element of invention where information is missing in the original.
A Passing abstract will have limited errors in reflecting what is in the paper, it will show no signs of invention.
A failing abstract will poorly reflect the content of the paper and or will invent to fill any gaps in the information presented in the paper.
The writing should be clear, have all the relevant sections and structure and provide a readable abstract of the paper. Lower marks will be obtained for unclear writing and or failure to use the structured abstract structure.
The abstract must conform to the length guidelines presented in the literature; marks will be reduced on a sliding scale for each 25 words beyond the guideline.
The critiques should be well structured, easy to read with good grammar etc..
Quality of Evidence
There should be evidence setting the context of the paper to allow it to be assessed in terms of its relevance against the overall literature, either supporting or denying the students assessment of the paper.
From the paper you will have extracted all the relevant information and related it to the context. Arguments should be sound and well-constructed and demonstrate the positioning of the paper within the wider context of the subject matter.

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critical review is 250 words.