Critical review one article I have been attach it in order instruction

you have to provide a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the research process in the article which I have selected , should support the critique of the methods adopted by the author with reference to an appropriate range of literature , describing the choices the author has made , the strengths and limitation of their approach and recommendation which id believe would have improve their approach . you have to look at my article in this link


(Malnutrition in elderly care qualitative analysis of ethical perceptions of politicians and civil servants Research article)

Specific points I should write in depth in my critical about the methodology which the author had chosen in the article:
1- Is the methodology appropriate
2- Is the methodology approach explained clearly
3- Does the methodology approach have any weaknesses
4- Is the study sufficiently comprehensive and through
5- Is anything important omitted in the research
General which I should including in my critical:
1- Defining and explaining of interviews
2- When can use interviews and why
3- Interviews in health research
4- Types of interviews
5- Advantages of interviews
6- Disadvantages of interviews
7- What is in depth interviewing and how is it done
8- Limitation of interviews
9- How to improve interviews to achieve
research question in qualitative research
Outlines and plan my critical writing

1- Introduction ( approximately 500 a 700 words )
Introduction should including the following:
az? Provide a context for the article (background about the article I have chosen).
az? Give the title of the article and name of author.
az? Some idea about why the subject is important.
az? Identify the purpose of the article.
az? Give an indication of my overall impression of the article in general terms.

2- Body
3- In the body should include:
az? Summarize and analyse the contents of the article (which methodology and approach the author has used).
az? Make clear and discuses depth data collection which is interviews. In this part should be answer this points and support by references :
a? Is the methodology appropriate?
a? Is the methodology approach explained clearly?
a? Dese the methodology approach have any weaknesses?
a? Is the study sufficiently comprehensive and through?
a? Is anything important omitted in the research?

4- Conclusion (approximately 500 a 700 words).
Should include:
az? Summarize the previse points ( in the body).
az? Comment on the future of the issue implication of the view.
az? Identify the limitation of the approach in the article and some recommendation and suggestion.

Brief summarize the article which I have chosen to write my critical:
Title of the article: Malnutrition in elder care: qualitative analysis of ethical perception of politicians and civil servants. (By Mamhidir et al, 2010)
Aim of the article: the aim was to illuminate whether politicians and civil servants reason about malnutrition in elder care in relation to ethical responsibility and further about possible causes and how to address them.
Data collection:
Interviews were used for the data collection in this study. The interviews were part of a large project focusing on the meaning of begin in ethically difficult situations related to elder care as experiences by politicians and civil servants. Before the start the interviewer highlighted the reports and the research results of problematic nutritional issues and malnutrition in elder care. This was meant to support the participants in their reflections of the area if concern.
Data analysis:
A phenomenological hermeneutic method was used for the data analysis. This method has been used by other authors and is useful when attempting to elucidate the meaning of a lived experience through Interoperation of an individualas narrative.
I will discuss the following points:
- What is interview?
- When can use interview in research?
- Advantages and disadvantages of interviews?
- Limitation of using interview as research methods?
- Types of interviews?
- How to improve interviews to help achieved research question?
- How to collect interviews data?