Critical success factors for new entry of budget airline in Japanese market

a part of my topic, I want to also focus on
What happen if budget airline enter to Japanese market? barriers to entry into
Japanese market. ”

one idea that comes up with me is that National charactor difference might affect.
to compare europian and japanese, they have defferent view for price. e.g. japanese more likes brand but europian are not really compare with.
please include this.

also evaluate strategy to cope with any other market factors.

also nay other way of evaluation are welcome!

budget airline is for example easyJet or Ryanair.
so what happen if the airline which has a concept of easyJet or Ryanair, go in to japanese market?.

I would like to have all information to write up this topic.
Could you provide useful reference and its subject matter (I can access electronic journals from my uni database so i need just reference) that can be used in body of text.
Detailed stucture. which source can be used in which paragraph/chapter.
and critical evaluation.

please complete this until 12.00 noon (in england time) this thursday.