Critical thinking-a challenge in your life-learning english

For this project, you will reflect and analyze how you make use of all Eight Traits in your life.

Eight Traits: Disciplined Trait Humility, Courage, Empathy, Integrity, Perseverance, Faith in Reason, Fair-mindedness, Autonomy

Undisciplined Trait Arrogance, Cowardice, Egocentrism, Hypocrisy, Laziness, Distrust of Reason(Rely on Emotion),Unfairness, Conformity

You will choose a challenge in your life (my challenge is learning english) that you are currently experiencing and identify which Undisciplined Traits you are currently demonstrating. You will provide examples of the Undisciplined Traits and explain the Negative Impact this trait is having on your current challenge in life.

After reflecting and analyzing your challenge, you will develop a new, Step by Step, plan of action. Your action plan will include the Eight Traits.

Once you have developed your action plan, you will implement your plan for two weeks. After that period, you will discuss the results of your implemented action plan. you will explain the new ways in which using the Disciplined Traits affected your challenge in positive ways. If, for some unlikely reason, your results did not turn out to be a positive experience, you will explain why you believe the outcome was not what you expected even though you replaced your negative traits with positive traits. Sometime we learn more from our surprise outcomes than we do from our expected outcomes.

To conclude your narrative, you will discuss how this experience has Shaped Your Outlook on future challenges. Negative, or positive, this conclusion should Reflect Anything You Learned by participating in this project.

-Discussion of all 8 traits
-Discussion of the Undisciplined Traits
-Examples of each trait (both Disciplined and Undisciplined)
-Specificity, depth of analysis, coherence