Critical thinking among nursing students

Investigate or change and elaborate the problem statement. Please answer/respond to the following bullets below utilizing the identified headings.

Statement of Problem:
It is evident that the dynamics of nursing has changed and entry level nurses must possess a higher baseline regarding knowledge and critical thinking skills. To meet this current trend the RN NCLEX passing standards has been revised resulting in the implementation of a higher level of difficulty due to the increased aging population and complex care of patients. Therefore, it is imperative that nurse educators facilitate critical thinking among nursing students so they can flourish into competent entry level nurses. A systemic review related to active learning strategies will help assess the critical thinking development within nursing educational context.

a? Identify the clinical issue you want to see change.
a? Discuss how this is relevant to your selected role option.
a? Discuss what impacts/influences the outcome.
a? Formulate the PICOT question, which will drive your search.
a? Design your purpose statement.