Critical thinkingi?? why guns wont make us safer

Read Sean Fairclothas essay a?Why More Guns Wonat Make Us Safera? (this essay is on Blackboard along with the prompt and rubric). Start your paper by creating an introduction that intrigues the reader and focuses him or her to what the rest of the essay will be about. After that, begin the process of evaluating Fairclothas essay. You are going to create a thesis that clarifies the reader as to your opinion on whether his essay is a successful argumentative essay; the thesis should meet the standards of a thesis statement. Your judgment will be based on your knowledge of sound argumentative skills; the judgment could be based off of his thesis, reasons, logic, evidence, persona, etc. Explain your judgments with logic of your own. Where is Faircloth successfully persuasive? Where does he have problems in his essay? Be sure that you establish credibility with the reader so that they believe you are worthy of judging the topic at hand as well as what makes a good argument in general. When using Fairclothas article, be sure that you properly engage with his essay in terms of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, and that you transition smoothly between paragraphs and sentences.

In the second half of your essay, you will move away from Fairclothas specific essay but remain engaged with his topic. The issue of whether or not guns make Americans safer or put us in harmas way more often has been fought for decades, but it has become even a more polarizing issue in the 21st century. Transition from the evaluation to explain whether or not you believe that guns make Americans safer. Your feeling on this subject may or may not parallel how you judged Faircloth. Remember that you are arguing Fairclothas effectiveness, not necessarily his point of view. You may think Fairclothas essay was a poor one but still agree with his point of view or vice versa. Be sure to give logic, if not hard evidence, to defend your point of view on this heated debate.