Criticallt evaluate improving door to needle times with nurse intiated thrombolysis

Critically evaluate this study and discuss the trustworthiness of the findings in light of the major strengths and limitations of the research methods. Include an appendix that describes your search strategy. You will need to discuss the research paper you choose with a member of the module team. A suggested structure for the assignment is outlined below. You may use the emboldened words as sub-headings to organise your text.
Introduction ,
The introduction should include your rationale for selecting the topic this should be linked to your practice. ,In this section you need to describe your search strategy. Your description must include the search terms you used to search the electronic databases, the names of the electronic databases that you used and the inclusion/exclusion criteria you used in deciding which research paper to use for the main body of this assignment. Evidence of your search strategy (for example the search history) must be included in the appendix. If you have a lot of detail put it in the appendix and keep the essentials in the text. [Approximately 400 words].
You need to demonstrate you have an accurate and detailed knowledge of research methods supported by an up-to-date literature. You must provide a comprehensive analysis of the research paper. First this should include a short sentence to describe the research design and methods of data collection. Your evaluation must identify any potential sources of error, highlight any issues of reliability, validity or rigour in the papers and note how ethical issues have been addressed. [Approximately 1200 words].
You need to reformat the evidence you have analysed to show what you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the study, the implications of the findings and their applicability to your clinical practice in light of the research methods. You must make recommendations for education, research and practice. [Approximately 300 words].
Finally you need to write a concluding paragraph summing up the issue you have examined, how you went about it, what you examined and the outcome. You should not include any new material or new points at this stage. [Approximately 100 words].