Critically analyse a research section from a research report

For this assignment the writer will critically analyse the methodologhy employed in this piece of research a?Youth Work in schools: an Investigation of Youth Work, as a Process of Informal Learning, in Formal Settings by Dr. Tony Morgan, Pat Morgan and Brian OKellya?.

critically analyse the methodology used to carry out the report.use evidence and theory from a review of literature to back up the analysis.

The writer will critically analyse the methodology used to carry out the report under the following areas:

1. A brief overview of the focus of the research
What is the topic/area of the research? What questions is the research trying to answer? What are the aims of the research, why are they carrying it out?

2. An understanding of the research strategy employed including strengths and implications
What approach have they taken a quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods?

3. Methods of data collection used including strengths and implications
What types of methods have they used a surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation? What are the respective strengths and weaknesses of the methods used? E.G. interviews/focus groups good for in-depth exploration/understanding but findings are not generalizable beyond the participants

4.Outline and suitability of the sample
How was the sample constructed? How representative is the sample? E.G. is there a balance in terms of school background.

5.Explore if there were clear links between research design/ strategies and the objectives of the study giving examples from the report
E.G. If their aim was to make claims about youth work in schools across all of NI, is this a random sample?

6. ethical issues
Do they address ethics in their report? Did participants give informed consent? How was this obtained? Was there any potential for a?harma to participants, did they take participant welfare into account?

7.suggestions for alternative research approaches. If you have identified weaknesses above, what alternative strategies could have avoided these?

8.Examples of good practice, in research terms, from the report
Look at the design, methods selected, evidence of participatory approaches, ethics/treatment of participants, dissemination etc

9. Overall view of the report, i.e did it achieve what it set out to achieve and were the recommendations/action steps related to the findings

please use these books and others that suit
Cohen, L ; Manion, L & Morrison, K (2000) a?Research Methods in Educationa? (5th edition). London, Routledge.

Denscombe M (2007) a?The Good Research Guide for small-scale social researcha? projects 3rd Edition Mc Graw Hill Open University Press

Kumar R (2011) a?Research Methodology A Step by Step Guide for Beginnersa? 3rd Edition SAGE: London

Kumar R (1999) a?Research Methodology A Step by Step Guide for Beginnersa? SAGE: London