Critically analyse Debenhamss code of conduct and identify tree key components that demonstrate the companys values and business ethics.

it have to be no more then 2500 words , i have already made a start on the introduction part, if you can use it. its this (( Debenhams is one of the most well known department stores in the UK, also it have over 200 stores around 28 other countries around the world. As the offer a huge range of different products and services such as clothing and shoes for men, women and children, beauty products, home furniture, electronics products, and wedding products and services, etc. as they have their own special designers, as they been investing and providing most high quality British designs throughout 20 years.
This assignment requires a critically analyse for Debenhamsas code of conducts which is distinction from an organisation to another and many other businesses; the code of conduct is used for many different reasons and ways, some businesses use it to outline their purpose, objectives and targets. And sometimes organisations use the code of conducts as the main laws for their business. ))
and it have to be this structure: intro critical analysis of code about 1500 words then component 1, 2, 3 and 4 . and this assignment have to include the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aspects.