Critically analyse Global markets and the new product development process”


Specific Requirements: grade(c1 or above).

Word Limit: 2500 (10% + or -)

Read the journal article that will attached on PDF form. Rama Yelkur and Paul Herbi(1996),  Global markets and the new product development process , Journal of product & brand management, vol. 5 no. 6 1, pp. 38-47 © mcb university press, 1061-0421

You are required to critically analyse this publication using concepts and academic literature including but not limited to brand management, innovation and creativity and new product development and adoption.

Your essay must be a critical academic investigation where you have also demonstrated real world application by using appropriate examples from industry. Mere statements of facts and data are not acceptable.

Style and Content:
This essay should be no more than 2,500 words, an allowance is made for being within 10% (+ or -), but work over or under this will be penalized.

Use the Harvard referencing system to acknowledge all information sources and to attribute quotations and concepts used. Almost all your references should be from academic journals and books.

The aim of the assignment is to present you with another opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the current strategic marketing environment, factors influencing strategic marketing techniques and for you to present this to others in a clear and concise manner;
 Higher marks will be awarded to work that show use of current academic journal articles and up-to-date market information.
 The creation of a well-argued and balanced critical essay.
 Clear evidence of research, using journals and books.
 An understanding of the impact of key issues discussed in class have on marketing strategies
 Good business examples, demonstrating both positive and negative outcomes.

Helpful hints:
 Focus on a few well identified key issues, this will give you an opportunity to really explore the literature of this, and discuss business examples in great depth.
 A critical essay considers that there is always more than one perspective on any matter, read around the topic and explore the different opinions regards the positive and negative perspectives. Now give your own opinion.