Critically analyse the arrangements for multi agency and/or multidisciplinary working in Child protection.

This report is for a degree social work student in England.

A report of 2000 words which critically analyses the arrangements for multi agency and/or multidisciplinary working in Child protection.

This essay should partly be based on the attached work that has already been completed. Please see appendix 1 to 6.
please ensure that this work atleast some of the attached work is referred to appropriatly throughout this essay. Not all of the appendices need to be referred to but most of them do. refer to these as appendices 1 page etc etc.

the essay needs to demonstrate an understanding of and being able to apply those theoretical concepts which inform interdisciplinary and interagency co-operation and competivness within and between human service organisations. also will need to demonstrate awareness of the frameworks for commumication and consultation within the wider social and political system.
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