Critically analyse the current health promotion activities associated with this sexual health

Your essay should include
a? Introduce chosen topic
a? Use literature and stats to explain why its is a problem to society
a? Link what government is trying to do legislation/white paper/policy to reduce problem
a? As a response to government targets what is being done (health promotion activities) and what method is being used
a? How effective have the activities been a use evidence (journals and studies) to weigh up pros and cons of each activity. Identify evidence to show if activities have been successful or not

: Determinants of health, health needs assessment, methods of promoting healthy living with regards to sexual health, evaluation of healthy promotion activities and discussion about interagency collaboration for sexual health need to be iinxludeed in essay

Relating inter-agency collaboration to your assignment:
a? Say the main agencies that work together in order to improve the health area of the group you have chosen
a? Give specific relevant examples of how they do this (integrate it into the health promotion activities you are already discussing)
a? Assess the importance of their working together, why is it important and in what ways will it help improve the health of your group/health area?
a? Donat forget aspects such as policy change and better use of resource budgets (if applicable to you)
a? What are the advantages of inter-agency collaboration?
a? What can be the disadvantages or barriers?
a? Donat write a separate section about it, try and make sure this information is embedded within your assignment in a section where it would be a natural progression to discuss it.
a? Donat go off on a tangent, keep it focused to your assignment as a whole

Elements to include in essay
Include limitations and benefits of interagency and health promotion activities concerning sexual health
a? Inequalities in Health
a? Cultural sensitivity
a? Healthy Settings a Health promotion strategies , what models of behaviour change are used to promote good sexual health.
a? economic Crisis Impact on health promotion
a? Agencies that promote healthy living and interagency collaboration
a? Health promotion evaluation of campaigns