Critically analyse the role of the accountant in those scenarios/situations.(follow case study questions)

Case Study

2. Integrate the interests of different stakeholders in an organisation or/and professional environment, including customers, competitors, collaborators, and other external forces.

5. Critique the accounting professionas contribution to society through discussion of ethical and professional conduct.

Linked graduate capabilities:

Critical analytical and integrative thinking
Student engagement as ethical local and global citizens
Capable of Professional and Personal Judgment and Initiative
Task Overview: From the case, students will answer the questions uploaded on the Unitas iLearn.

Marking criteria:

1. Comprehensiveness of case analysis

2. Support of case analysis with evidence

3. Overall clarity

Refer Case Study Marking Rubric.

Deliverables: 1 x 3000 words case analysis.

Additional requirements:

Formatting: Standard 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, side margins 2.5cm wide.

Referencing: All sources (ie the work and ideas of others) cited and referenced using a standard referencing system.

Preparation: In order to complete this task you may consult the Unit Convener in week 8 a week designated for open discussion on cases. If you attend the consultation, please take careful notes of the discussion and analysis of the case as per the guidance provided by the Unit Convener.

Your response to the case questions will be assessed based on the following aspects:

1. Introduction

2. Analysis/Response to Case Study Questions

3. Alternatives/Evaluation of Alternatives proposed in each Case Study Question

4. Recommendation/conclusions

You are required to construct an argument about various scenarios/situations given in the case, and critically analyse the role of the accountant in those scenarios/situations. Do NOT simply describe the situation or case. Limit descriptions to the summary section and the minimum information necessary to support your argument. Specific details will vary according to the case being analysed.

Your case analysis must be supported by material presented by the industry partners and academic, industry sources and readings uploaded on the unit web.

Write your name and student ID as a Footer or Header on each page.

Finally, review your work. Make sure the structure of the paragraphs and sentences is clear. Fix spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you have cited and referenced accurately.

Submit your case analysis report to turnitin via the link below. Once you have submitted your case analysis, check the originality report in turnitin and ensure similarity with other sources is referenced. You can resubmit your report until the due date. Please note that the originality report for a resubmission takes 24 hours to be produced. Please ensure that you allow adequate time, if you are considering resubmission.

Extensions: No extension will be granted

Penalties: Late submission will be penalised at the rate of 20% (of total available marks) per day from the date identified as the due date for the assessment task. Week days and weekend days are included in the calculation of days late. No case will be accepted after the one-week period.